Veskos VTS Will Help To Reduce Customer Service Calls Upto 70%

VTS System determines and solves many issues that in most cases would be the reason for the Customer Support Call

Veskos VTS solution can benefit many types of businesses and organisations, Device manufacturers reduce support calls, Health Organisations diagnose conditions, Charities help users

VTS Troubleshooting Tracking Feature allows your Support Agent to monitor the troubleshooting already undertaken by your customer.

A Support Code gets assigned to your customer if they couldn't resolve their issue using the VTS system.

For these cases, your Support Call Agent will bypass 80% of questions he would usually ask, as the VTS system shows your agent what has been done by the caller already, so the agent can dispose all the traditional diagnosis questions they would usually ask when receiving the call and instead find a solution for your customer
VTS WIll Reduce Call Times Book Demo

After Sales

24/7 Support

Veskos VTS can support your After Sales 24 Hours a day

By Integrating the Veskos VTS system to your Website or Mobile App, can allow your customers get virtual support anytime they require

Call Centre

24/7 Support

Veskos VTS 24/7 Virtual Call Centre

Veskos VTS can resolve many problems that are usually fixed by your Customer Support Team and the good thing is it is always available


24/7 Support

Veskos VTS can Diagnose 24/7

Organisations which offer diagnostics over the phone can benefit from Veskos VTS as initial diagnosis can be undertaken 24 hours a day.

Customer Service Support Code

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If the Veskos VTS system can not resolve your customers issue, a support code is provided to the user from the VTS Platform, the user provides the code to the Support Agent, the Agent then can see on their Admin panel the steps the customer has undertaken, so they dont need to ask the same troubleshooting questions, this speeds up the time the customer agent needs to spend on resolving the issue, this in most cases can save the call time by over 50 Percent.

Support Code Admin Panel

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The Support Call Agent will enter the Support Code provided to them from the customer, a list of troubleshooting steps are displayed, from here the Agent will know what has been already tried by the user and the they can resolve the issue for the client.