Veskos VTS Can Help To Reduce Your Customer Support Calls By Upto 70% customer support software VESKOS combines excellent live Troubleshooting, to provide exceptional support to your customers

Veskos VTS Gets Answers For Your Customers Fast

Veskos VTS will get answers for your customer within minutes and in sometimes seconds for any issues they are facing, the VTS platform will navigate users through a series predefined troubleshooting questions which will get the answer or solution your customer is looking for and in turn will save a call to your call centre.


Offer Global Support

With the Veskos VTS system you can offer support in multiple languages


24/7 Support

By adding Veskos VTS to your business you can support your customers 24 hours a day


Minimise Waiting Times

By producing a comprehensive Veskos VTS system for your business, your customers will no longer require holding so long on the phone, when they can resolve most of the issues using VTS System


Happy Customers

Giving the power to your customers to troubleshoot their issue and finding a solution very quickly equates to happy customers

How It Works

Veskos VTS will require your Customer Support Manager to populate the interactive VTS system with questions which are asked by the Customer Support Agent, these questions are added to the platform with the objective of guiding the user to a solution, same way a support Rep would usually do. How it works : Add to Veskos VTS the Script your Call Centre Agent asks the user when they call after the the initial introductions. Example first question: What is the reason of your visit today? Then you would add a few options for the user to select from. Each option you add, can then be delved into, through a series of nested questions and answers until you get to the solution for the user.